Legal Updates for August 2016

MEF Provides Tax Incentives to Educational Institutes Until 2018

The Ministry of Economy and Finance ("MEF") has issued Prakas No. 904 on Tax Incentives for Educational Institutes dated 8 August 2016 ("Prakas No. 904"). It aims to provide tax incentives for the education sector in order to support and enhance human resources development and to reduce the expenses of parents and guardian of students. The objective is to determine the mechanisms in the implementation of tax on profit, withholding tax and Value-Added Tax (“VAT”) that are applied to educational institutes in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Prakas No. 904 came into operation on 8 August 2016.

MLVT Launches its Employees'/Workers’ Data Centralized Management System

The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (“MLVT”) has recently launched its Online Foreign Employees/Workers Centralized Management System to ensure the labour migration and protection of migrant employees/workers in the Kingdom of Cambodia through Prakas No. 352 MLVT. P on the Employees/Workers’ Data Centralized Management System dated 17 August 2016 (“Prakas”). According to the Prakas, starting from 01 September 2016, all investors, companies, factories, enterprises-establishments employing any foreign employees/workers are required to request for foreign employees/workers quota through the online web-based management system of MLVT at Furthermore, foreign employees/workers must also prepare online application requesting for foreign work permit and work permit through the said website.