Legal Updates for January 2016

Patent Tax and New Classification of Taxpayers

The Cambodian system of taxation has seen a major overhaul in a concerted push towards modernisation over the past two years. The government’s recently launched taxation strategy aims to increase revenues “by improving transparency, efficiency and equity of the tax system, and monitoring tax collection more closely”. With a view to further these objectives, the National Assembly and the Senate adopted the Law on Financial Management for 2016, which was promulgated by Royal Kram No. NS/RK/1215/016 on 17 December 2015.

Registered Commercial Entities Required to Register Online

As Cambodian ministries are moving toward the modernized technology for their databases, the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia ("MOC") requires all companies, enterprises, branches, representative offices and subsidiaries, which have registered in Cambodia prior to 04 January 2016, to re-register through the MOC's recently launched website.