Legal Updates for July 2016

MEF and MLVT Set Out Fines for Labour Law Violations

The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training ("MLVT") is strengthening the implementation of Cambodia's Labour Law by jointly issuing a Prakas with the Ministry of Economy and Finance ("MEF"). This Joint Prakas sets out the different types of Labour Law violations, the amount of fine for each violation, and the formula to calculate the fines.

Slight Changes to the Sporadic Land Registration Procedure

The sporadic land registration is governed by Sub-Decree No.48 dated 31 May 2002. It sets out the process of the registration in various stages. Recently, the Royal Government of Cambodia issued a new Sub-Decree to introduce slight amendments to Sub-Decree No.48 on sporadic land registration procedure.

Determination of Certifying Authority on Documents Related to Registration of Rights over Immovable Property

Previously, Art. 9 of Prakas 215 vested either the District/Khan OR Commune/Sangkat authority to certify certain documents related to the registration of various rights over immovable property such as Vente Definitif, donation, pledge, guarantee, hypothec, long-term lease, easement agreement and usufruct agreement. However, a recently-issued Joint-Prakas has clearly determined the authority to do this work.

Another Extension for Re-registration Online to 30 September 2016

After three months of the extension of the deadline for re-registration online of entities, the Ministry of Commerce ("MOC”) has issued Notification No.2338 MOC.CRD dated 01 July 2016, announcing the second extension of deadline for another three months.