Legal Updates for December 2020

2021 Compliance Alert: Reminder on Key Annual Compliance Matters

R&T Sok & Heng Law Office would like to thank you for your trust and confidence in our work throughout 2020. We hope to continue our good working cooperation with you for the upcoming new year.

As we approach the start of a new year, this Updates provides you a reminder of the key regulatory compliance requirements for the year of 2021 affecting your company. These include the annual filing requirements in order for your company to be in good legal standing under Cambodian laws.

The Implementation of Health Measures and Quarantine for All Travellers Entering into Cambodia

To prevent the COVID-19 community spread, the Inter-Ministerial Committee to Combat COVID-19 has issued a press release No. 251 on the implementation of health measures and quarantine for all types of travellers entering Cambodia, effective from 12 December 2020 onwards. All travellers entering Cambodia are required to undergo a mandatory full 14-day quarantine after being tested on arrival and to provide a COVID-19 health clearance certificate issued by a competent health authority.

Extension of the 2021 Foreign Employees Quota Application

The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (“MLVT”) has issued Notification No. 041/20 dated 9 December 2020 on the Extension of the 2021 Foreign Employees Quota Application (“Notification”). According to the Notification, the MLVT has extended the period to file the application to request for foreign employees quota for 2021 to the end of January 2021 for all factories/enterprises.

Cambodian Public Holidays in 2021

The Royal Government of Cambodia has announced the public holidays for civil servants and employees in 2021 through Sub-Decree No. 131 SD.P dated 26 August 2020 (“Sub-Decree”). To implement the Sub-Decree, the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training subsequently issued Prakas No. 397/20 dated 3 December 2020 (“Prakas”). The Sub-Decree and the Prakas provided for 21 public holidays for year 2021.

Promulgation of Law on Management of Commercial Gaming

On 14 November 2020, the King of Cambodia has promulgated the Law on Management of Commercial Gaming (“Law”). This Law will serve as the first and most comprehensive legislation to date to govern the country’s gaming industry. By way of background, in July 2020, the Minister of Economy and Finance put forward the draft Law on Management of Commercial Gaming (“Draft Law”) before the plenary session of the Council of Ministers presided by the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia for consideration and approval. The Council of Ministers subsequently approved the Draft Law and tabled the same before the National Assembly and the Senate for their respective adoption. This piece of legislation has been in the works for nine years and is the result of inter-ministerial expertise as well as public and private contributions.