Legal Updates for December 2020

The Implementation of Health Measures and Quarantine for All Travellers Entering into Cambodia

To prevent the COVID-19 community spread, the Inter-Ministerial Committee to Combat COVID-19 has issued a press release No. 251 on the implementation of health measures and quarantine for all types of travellers entering Cambodia, effective from 12 December 2020 onwards. All travellers entering Cambodia are required to undergo a mandatory full 14-day quarantine after being tested on arrival and to provide a COVID-19 health clearance certificate issued by a competent health authority.

Cambodian Public Holidays in 2021

The Royal Government of Cambodia has announced the public holidays for civil servants and employees in 2021 through Sub-Decree No. 131 SD.P dated 26 August 2020 (“Sub-Decree”). To implement the Sub-Decree, the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training subsequently issued Prakas No. 397/20 dated 3 December 2020 (“Prakas”). The Sub-Decree and the Prakas provided for 21 public holidays for year 2021.