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Abrogation of Prakas No. 087 on Land Development

On 19 May 2023, the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction issued Prakas No. 083 on the Abrogation of Prakas No. 087 on Land Development to effectively abrogate Prakas No. 087 on Land Development dated 11 May 2018 ("Prakas No. 087"). Land development permits and the relevant requirements and processes in relation thereof as provided for under Prakas No. 087 are no longer imposed.

Managing Greenwashing Risks: A Southeast Asian Lens

As governments, corporates and individuals double down on efforts on their sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda, there are emerging concerns of "greenwashing" and whether products and services labelled as "green" or "sustainable" are indeed so. What exactly is "greenwashing" and are there legal and regulatory frameworks in place to deal with this?

In this Guide, we aim to provide you with the state of play in the greenwashing legal landscape from a Southeast Asian perspective. Each Country Chapter provides a summary of the existing laws and regulations in each of the nine Southeast Asia jurisdictions that are available for enforcing against greenwashing, as well as some of their key regulators' approaches and initiatives to set clear and enforceable standards on green claims, green credentials, green products or green investments.