Legal Updates for August 2022

Overview of Arbitral Proceedings in Cambodia

Cambodia established its first commercial arbitration centre, the National Commercial Arbitration Centre of Cambodia ("NCAC") in 2006, which then commenced operations in 2013. As of December 2020, NCAC has received 25 cases under its first arbitration rules adopted in 2014 ("2014 Rules"). 

In June 2021, NCAC amended the 2014 Rules. The new arbitration rules ("2021 Rules") consist of 9 chapters and 74 articles. In this article, we highlight the key stages of arbitration proceedings under the 2021 Rules as follows: 

  1.       Commencement of arbitration;
  2.       Interim stage;
  3.       Hearings; and
  4.       Issuance of arbitral award.

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Cambodia’s New Law on Food Safety

The new Law on Food Safety ("Law") came into force on 8 June 2022 by virtue of Royal Kram No. NS/RKM/0622/006.Consisting of 11 Chapters and 43 Articles, the Law sets out the legal framework and mechanism to regulate safety, quality, sanitation relating to food production and food businesses. The term "food businesses" refers to any business activities, regardless of size, except for the sale of street food, that involve the production, manufacture, preparation, treatment, packaging, transportation and storage of food, as well as the provision of service or sales related to food, whether for profit or not. 

This Update highlights the key features of Cambodia’s new Law.